New Year, New Goals.

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I’ve always started every new year with a reflection of the last, and a new set of goals and resolutions for the year. I gave up on “new year, new me” resolutions long long ago, seldomly sticking to them for longer than a fortnight. I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. I love the initial positivity and determination to do something to hopefully change my life in a good way; but, I hate how rapidly that determination can be lost when the reality kicks in. That, and why should we wait till one time of the year to make a positive change, shouldn’t they be all year round?

2017 has taught me a lot. It taught me that I can pick myself up from my lowest points, that I can get rid of negativity even when I feel surrounded by it and most importantly that I can achieve things that my self-criticising head tells me I can’t. My 2017 started with failing an important exam, and being in my lowest slump with my anxiety and low mood. Twelve months down the line and I’ve come miles from that point, even if I don’t always see it. Despite failing an exam, I still managed to drag my grades up to a decent 2.1 standard for my second year at university. I turned 21! I had the opportunity to do an internship with the School of Ocean Science, Bangor University, researching microplastics within local fish populations and realised how passionate I am about anthropogenic impacts upon our planet. I visited 3 amazing countries; for fun, family and hard work. Had the most amazing opportunity to spend 2 weeks at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, as part of my degree. I lost people I thought would be in my life for a very long time, and I met some of loveliest humans I have ever met. My 2017 is ending in a much happier, more positive place than when it began.

I’m entering 2018 in a different mindset that I entered 2017. One where I might still be the same anxious stress head, but one where I’m happy for every day I get and the opportunities each day brings, whether they’re positive or negative. My goals for 2018:

  • Graduate with a minimum of a 2.1
  • Pass my driving test
  • Be more environmentally conscious
  • Get some more dives under my belt and do my AOW
  • Get on to a postgraduate degree or find a marine relevant job
  • To live every day as if it was my last, be more present and stop worrying so much about the future
  • Travel somewhere new

This blog, is in actual fact a goal in itself. Something I’ve been telling myself for quite a while that I’d start as a way of expressing myself as I’ve always had a love for writing. The final push though was article writing as part of a module for my degree. You can find my contributing articles to Extreme Marine here. If you’re still on a marine hype and want some more good reads then check out the articles written by these two lovely people: Oscar and Lucy. I’m hoping to use this little space to write about life, my head ponderings, marine biology and the natural world, travel, sustainability and my adventures into the environmentally conscious realm and maybe one day my own work as a marine biologist.

So, this is my blog. The start of a random accumulation of the inner workings of my mind and life, most likely to be a lot of ramble and waffling on my part. Happy New Year all, I hope 2018 is good to you.

Until next time,

Cate x

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