Trash Talk: A Plastic Ocean

Since Blue Planet 2 aired, the world has opened its eyes to the impacts of marine plastics and the UK has erupted into an ‘Anti-plastic frenzy’. From coffee shops implementing incentives of reusable coffee cups, to stores across the UK plotting to minimise packaging and single use plastics. Our modern-day society is built on the... Continue Reading →

30 things before 30

Today I turn 22, its my first birthday without seeing my family, and my last in Bangor. My age is by all means absolutely hilarious because I still get ID’d for paracetamol and energy drink. But, heres a somewhat personal post, mainly for myself to reflect back on this time next year and see how... Continue Reading →

Sharks in the Anthropocene: Fin Fighters

If I were to list all the impacts that humans are having on global elasmobranch populations, this would be a very long post, and I still probably wouldn’t be able to tell you everything. The baseline: humans are having a very negative effect on elasmobranch populations. Maybe you’re sat here reading this, having seen the... Continue Reading →

Extreme Marine: Vent Life

I’ve had exams for the past two weeks, and they’ve completely consumed my time and my energy. Although I only had two exams, they were pretty heavy in content. One was on sharks, and the other on Extreme Marine Habitats. Extreme Marine Habitats has been a pretty interesting module, delving from life in the Polar... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Goals.

I’ve always started every new year with a reflection of the last, and a new set of goals and resolutions for the year. I gave up on “new year, new me” resolutions long long ago, seldomly sticking to them for longer than a fortnight. I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. I love... Continue Reading →

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