Welcome to my blog!

My name is Caitlin and I’m a 22 year old MRes Student at Plymouth University/Marine Biological Association. 20180715_211346

I have a strong desire to make a positive mark on our planet. Whether it be by helping out other people, by actively trying to make a change in my own life or educating others on what they can do to help our little blue.

My goal in life is to educate the world (well… as many people as I can), about our wonderful planet and the world beneath the oceans. I hope to do this through both an academic career and through science communication. I aspire to complete a PhD whilst also maintaining a platform that people from non-scientific backgrounds can understand and enjoy. I’d one day love to write for National Geographic and BBC Earth too!

I have a love for Elasmobranchs and Plastic pollution, and hope to focus my research career on anthropogenic impacts and marine conservation. When I’m not sat at my laptop typing away, you can find me either at the gym, with friends, exploring or being given cooking lessons by my boyfriend (22 and I can’t cook for the life of me).

I plan to use this little space to write about the things I love and care a lot about as I move towards a career in marine biology. So heres my blog, my thoughts and ramblings, and my New Years resolution.

Love, Cate x

Ps. Feel free to contact me about anything whether it be a question, a comment or just wanting to network! (You can leave a message on my contact me page or a my social media below).

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