The after grad

Two years ago, I wrote an article with a little post-graduation advice for my fellow graduates, filled with wise words from my lecturers at the School of Ocean Science, Bangor University. The post was read over 2000 times within 3 days of publication, and my mind was blown with the positive feedback I received from... Continue Reading →

Hello 2019

Another year has flown by, and by flown I mean one second I started this blog and the next its December and the Christmas shopping panic began. Reflecting over this year, in many ways my life has changed greatly. I started my blog, got my honours degree, I travelled around Europe, I moved down south... Continue Reading →

30 things before 30

Today I turn 22, its my first birthday without seeing my family, and my last in Bangor. My age is by all means absolutely hilarious because I still get ID’d for paracetamol and energy drink. But, heres a somewhat personal post, mainly for myself to reflect back on this time next year and see how... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Goals.

I’ve always started every new year with a reflection of the last, and a new set of goals and resolutions for the year. I gave up on “new year, new me” resolutions long long ago, seldomly sticking to them for longer than a fortnight. I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. I love... Continue Reading →

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