Seeking sustainability: The safety razor

As a 20-something year old female, I get a bit obsessed with how I look, and one thing that I’ve always been focused on keeping on top of is shaving. The mix of modern day westernised pressures, and the fact that there’s just no nicer feeling that freshly shaved legs against clean bed sheets. I realised that my love of silky smooth skin had been leaving me to use a disposable razor every 1-2 weeks. In just one year that would create a minimum of 26 disposable razors going to a landfill, which in the average prime of shaving your legs (lets say 14-50) could be around 936 per woman- That’s a lot of disposable razors going into landfills!

Now I’m not going to suggest completely giving them up is possible for everyone, but in a bid to remove another pointless plastic item from my life, I turned to the classic double safety edge razor- The kind my grandad has used his entire life! It’s been 3 years since I started using my safety razor, and I don’t think I’d ever go back to a disposable one again! Safety razors offer a close, clean smooth shave and are easy to use when you get the hang of them. They also cause less irritation, so are even good for those with sensitive skin. The best part of a reusable razor is the blades are made from aluminium so can be recycled easily!

Disposable razors, are literally just that. An item made to be used a few times at maximum and then thrown away. One of the major issues with plastic razors in comparison to other disposable plastic items, is that they’re hazardous and made from mixed materials, making them difficult to recycle. Statista estimated that in the US alone, over 158.10 million customers used disposable razors in 2020. While over in the UK, estimates for 2020 show 5.5 million people used disposable razors. With recycling facilities unable to take them, unless you decide to attempt to pull apart the components, the disposable razor has been removed from my life in an attempt to seek sustainability.

I personally bought my razor from Amazon a few years ago. If you’re wanting to be more sustainable not shop on amazon like I’m trying to, then here are a few places to look at:

A waste free world

Peace with the wild

Edwin Jagger (The brand I have!)

You can also get a little box to put your blades in which makes it safer to recycle them!

Razor blade disposal tin

Hopefully a little consideration for those seeking to make more sustainable waste-free choices!

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